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“Opportunities not only will be or may be but are right now.”

Rose Clothing Manufacturing and Service Ltd.’s predecessor in title has been established in 1989. The name originates from my mother’s name, Rózsa, the Hungarian word for rose. Though my name is not Rose, the brand doublerose refers to our cooperation. 

The first sewing shop has been established in the cellar of our house in Kecskemét. It was here where I first got in touch with this trade while walking between the knitting and sewing machines after school. Luckily production has soon outgrown the cellar we are working in our own production hall since 20 years, our staff grows, the variety of clothing produced is expanding according to customer’s demand continuously. 

Meanwhile I have managed sewing plants of multinational companies for years both abroad and in Hungary, thus I got acquainted with the features of big production units, where I have got the hang of the trade.

We put growing emphasis on innovative technologies which are decreasing the environmental footprint of the textile industry and provide fabrics, which correspond to the high quality, technology and comfort expectations of today. Our new brand of smart work apparel, doublerose and our personal protection equipment products with the brand doublerosenext™ made from garments from TorTex™ fabrics powered by 37.5® technology, not only match but often exceeds these expectations.

This opens new, exciting business possibilities for our company. Responding to urgent market needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic situation, first results of our gradual transition to this new material led to our new collection of doublerosenextTM healthcare uniforms, which has obtained personal protection equipment classification. The fabric features properties, which are extremely important for the healthcare industry as -beside enhanced comfort- the technology prevents the further reproduction of bacteria and viruses on the surface.  -a fokozott kényelem mellett-  megakadályozzák a baktériumok és vírusok további szaporodását a bőrön.  

Our products offer antibacterial and antiviral features and prevent 99,9% of the reproduction of H1N1 virus and Staphylococcus bacteria on the garment.

Our shirts, coats, trousers and tunics get a new design successively. Made of innovative smart fabric, sporting a new design and backed up by exceptional testing experiences we offer our product line primarily to employees in healthcare, hotels and catering, as well as professionals of other trades. Beside the recently mentioned virus protection and the support of heat management these novelties of the textile industry are unique in their durability in this category. 

Bogdanovics Dóra Beatrix

Managing director


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